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At Vivid Cafe team, we understand that great creative is about more than coming up with off the wall, outside of the box ideas. If an idea doesn’t have leverage, it never leaves our desks. It’s about coming up with great ideas that work within the context of a brand, an audience, and a market. We frequently dedicate as much time to discovery as we do all the other aspects of our process combined. We want to ask the right questions, so that Your finished video has a place in your overall marketing strategy, and fits your demands. That business first attitude has always been our hallmark, and it’s the reason we stand head and shoulders above traditional documental and creative video production companies.

When Your video production partner understands your goals, he can build concepts that transcend just video.
We’ve had our videos turn into new style and directions in social films.
Great concept can realy open new avenues for You, or translate into a campaign down the road.

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It all starts with an idea!

Coming up with ideas is easy, coming up with powerful ideas that can carry Your video marketing campaign is tricky. Everyone is creative in one way or another, but designing a concept that can move an audience and communicate a message demands a structured process. That’s why Vivid Cafe has spent years developing a creative workflow to look at Your project from every angle, and come up with a huge range of solutions, then pinpoint the very best ones.

Every project, every client, every audience member is different, thats why we have to be creative. No matter what kind of video production you need, when you work with Riga’s best video production company we won’t just make it, we’ll make it better.

“We are proud to be a small Riga based video production company that maximizes our creative potential and cost efficiency by offering a dedicated service and total commitment to the project.”Vivid Cafe

Our service range includes also professional photography, working with best photographers all over the world.

Every pixel should matter to a dedicated post artist.

Сhoose the team that will unlock the full potential of Your footage.

Our concept – An attention to detail bordering on the obsessive.

The right idea can elevate your video marketing.