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You are welcome to record remembers with Vivid Cafe.

Your event video is a chance to make a statement. Be bold, be colorful, be imaginative, and most importantly, be yourself.

Vivid Cafe presents a new generation of cinematic wedding films are here with amazing picture and sound quality.

Over the last 10 years, we have built our reputation on producing stylish & contemporary wedding day films. We will capture the emotions of the day, when You are laughting or crying, we will be there to catch these moments, these are the things that will make You watch your wedding film over and over again.

Video shooting of a wedding is a personal intimate moment where the main characters are newlyweds couple.

Capture your priceless moment, because that is exactly what your wedding day is, a priceless moment, simply one of the most amazing days that you will experience in your life!

“Filming a Wedding takes us to a new venue in a new locations and countries, filled with new and interesting people, challenges and a couple on the happiest day of their life. And we have the honour of being the people that capture it all for them.”Vivid Cafe

Don’t rely on the Best Men to record Your wedding!))

Our team work with any type of celebration filming.

Wedding video shooting is the best memory of the first family day of the newlyweds. Redemption of the bride, highlightes painting, the first dance and sincere joy of relatives and guests – all this will remain on the video and will be a pleasant reminder for all the remaining joint years of life. This film will help to relive the best moments again and again. Also we can manage a great pre-wedding film – Your dating story. The film will be pleasantly reviewed at home celebrations and anniversaries. And children will be able to see what kind of parents were happy at the wedding. The bride and groom are the stars. Vivid Cafe team are merely the observer, creating a wedding video in acinematic style. Our specialty is a stylish, slightly stylized video. We don’t want to simply record the events of the day in an obvious and plain way. We want to create a modern, clean, and interesting video. A video that will hold your interest every time, all the time. We strive to capture the feelings and emotions of the wedding day. We certainly won’t miss recording the beauty: the bride in her gown, the flowers, the decoration, the cake—everything you chose with such care. We’ll also find the colors and light, the movement, the sounds, the music, and the scene changes. But above all, it’s the emotions and feelings, the smiles, laughter, and even the happy tears that our team wish to preserve, the essence of a beautiful relationship saved as precious memories of Your wedding.


Technical equipment we use on wedding shooting?

  • Two-three cameraman team
  • High definition cameras and light sensitive lenses
  • Electronic gyrostabylized steadycams
  • Sliders for macro shooting
  • Lighting and reflectors
  • Fans for natural effects
  • Drones
  • Radio microphones
  • Timelapse systems
  • Action cameras

Our years of experience with wedding video production combined with your individuality allow us to produce a carefully crafted and unobtrusive video record of Your big day using Your own choices of music to add that personal touch.

Vivid Cafe are a team of professional cameramen and editors based in Riga, dedicated to capturing these priceless moments on video, preserving your day forever with a unique timeless style that will have You watching your video for years to come.

How to book?

To process your booking we will request that You complete a booking form on our web or just e-mail to First of all we will check our calendar for free dates. After we can discuss wedding day details and Your point of view about video shooting, style and other moments. We will need to know draft shedule of the wedding day. After this we can go to next steps.

Terms & Conditions

Before booking our services we ask that You look over our Terms of Business. Many Video Companies just don’t have them, they are there to protect both parties so please take the time to read them before making Your booking. We do not work on wedding with another videographers or unprofessional photographers. We will please You to send information about other team members for good communication and quality work. We can’t guarantee perfect result if onothers team photographer will working in the same day with us or we will not have enought time for creative shooting. We will take deposite for one shooting day of amount 350 euro. Left part of payment we will ask in shooting day. Your deposite will be used in total balance of wedding day shooting. You will get all raw materials and ready film on hard drives. Our company reserves the right to use the material for advertising purposes.
We are happy to add Your choice of music to your wedding day clip. You will be required to supply your music to our e-mail to ensure that we have the correct version of the music track You require. If we do not receive music from You prior to Your wedding, then we reserve the right to use the music of our choice.

Who we are?

Today we operate out of a studio based at Riga city in Latvia/Europe, and with our equally dedicated team, we lead the field in wedding video production with both passion, and experience.

Telling stories is simply what we love to do and we get to do it with love.