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Do You want to manipulate time in your video?
Do You want to visually speed up something that normally takes place over hours, days or even months?
Let us handle Your time-lapse video.

Riga city hyperlapse 2014.

Time-lapse videos are striking in that they expand the boundaries of perception to the point where we begin to experience our world in a more meaningful and complex way.

Vivid Cafe is a time-lapse video company that specializes in crafting stunning videos for the purposes of promoting and expanding the branding and sales of businesses.

Time-lapse photography services are often misunderstood. Essentially, time-lapse photography is an extreme form of the cinematography technique known as under-cranking. Under-cranking is a term that refers to old hand cranked cameras, specifically the act of running the camera slower than normal to achieve a fast motion effect.

“It is our belief that time-lapse videos are the clear front-runner among stylistic and technical approaches to storytelling. Our goal is not to meet Your standards but to exceed them.”Vivid Cafe

With time-lapse and drone photography all the rage on the internet, it is time to get serious and do something challenging and creative. The concept is called Dronelapse and is the marriage of time-lapse and the use of drone videos.

Today, photography is more prevalent than ever. The onslaught of images has made us impotent in terms of our ability to conceive duration or time. In photography, our perception of our world is populated with rapid, disjointed images that are chafed by reality. That is to say that it has been unable to capture growth or the progression of time. Traditionally, it has been a medium that has denied ripening.
To reiterate, video is an accessible vehicle for storytelling that can avoid the obstacles ever-present with language. Even though written word can stimulate the senses, the combination of visual and audio elements can have an even greater effect.
With time-lapse video, stationary cameras take pictures of a subject over a period of time and then digitally speed them up. For subjects like construction evolution, large sculpture installations, city traffic, nature and sunsets, time-lapse photography condenses these into mere seconds or minutes. Vivid Cafe works closely with You to customize a shooting schedule that determines when the cameras take photographs. This schedule also defines key critical milestones so we never miss anything important.In addition to our full range of video production services, our company also offers a full range of time-lapse photography services, including: dronelapse, stopmotion, hyperlapse. As also we produce own timelapse sliders for increase or decrease linear motion time-lapses.
Our team offer the most cutting edge technology available in the market, but what really sets us apart from other time-lapse photography companies are the skills of our time-lapse photographers. A tremendous amount of the value we bring to the time-lapse production process is in post-production and video editing services. Among the many post-production and video editing techniques that we use, none have quite the same degree of impact as compositing. We would be honoured to work with you and provide you with time-lapse photography services, whether you are interested in a video for personal or professional use. We will work closely with you during every step of the time-lapse production to ensure it meets your standards and your budget.

We provide services:

  • Time-lapse
  • Hyper-lapse
  • Stopmotion
  • Drone-lapse
  • What if processes that would normally appear subtle to the human eye like the slow revolution of stars or the gentle rising and falling of the tide could be seen vividly and immediately? The truth is that photography techniques have developed that make this possible.

    Time-lapse photography services involve a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured, the frame rate, is much lower than that used to view a sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. This technique has many practical and aesthetic benefits for businesses or artworks.

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    We offer professional time-lapse services with love and huge experience.

    Photographs are motionless images. These images do not move, leave, or emerge; they are anesthetized and fastened down, like butterflies. In this sense, the photograph fills sight by force, and does not allow us to refuse what it projects. For this reason, photography is a bizarre medium in that it simultaneously reveals truth, and distorts our perception. Photographs reveal truth in that they capture a point in time, but fail us by not allowing us to perceive images in context.