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“Best sport video shooting begin in point where cameraman is sportsman to.”Vivid Cafe

Bikirnieki track in Latvia.

Filming sports demands practice, knowledge of the sport, and ability to anticipate the action.

With plenty of experience and a highly trained staff of camera operators, Vivid Cafe team will make your next sporting event a hit.

For athletes, shooting sports events is an opportunity to assess the pros and cons of their performance. The team to analyze their game and work on the errors.

A bright and emotional film will complement the personal archive of the athlete, which will become a family treasure.

Why people action sports? Simple answer: because it’s cool! Video and action sports are buddies that share the mentality that will climb mountains just because it’s there. What makes this type of video shooting so much more possible today is the gear. Video cameras are now smaller and of higher quality than ever before. With small camera mounts, it’s possible to get camera angles which were impossible ten years ago. Now its possible to show viewers along with the action sport’s enthusiast as they defy gravity! Whether it’s video for recruitment or keepsake, our in-house team of videographers make it easy. Our team has the right equipment and experience to capture even the most action-intensive sports. Stabizisation system, drones, cablecam systems, wide angles action cameras. Video is an amazing tool — especially for players looking to improve technique, or for coaches looking to more effectively communicate instructions. Video review, with or without slow motion, can sometimes make all the difference. You can give us direction, so we achieve the result You’re looking for. For coaches looking to film combines, we can change angles, be mobile, and work with you to study individual player strengths and weaknesses. If You want experienced coverage of ice skating, football, basketball, motocross, soccer, field hockey, ice hockey, roller hockey, volleyball, softball, baseball, wrestling, tennis, bowling or stock car racing contact us. It will be our pleasure to put a package together for you. We will provide to You the best and creative sport videos on the market.