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75 % of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2020. Cisco

A mobile video production is a great way to build brand equity with a young audience on the go.

A mobile video doesn’t just get You exposure, it makes you a part of your customer’s day. You’re engaging with them on their device, which means Your talking to them on their terms.

Promotional Mobile Video that makes an emotional connection.

Done right, mobile video is more than an impression, it’s a connection. By playing your mobile video, peoples is inviting You into their life.

How sixty seconds videos on Instagram could be suitable for video production?
According to creative agencies, communication gurus and ‘people who know’, videos will be the most effective way of communication is 2018 and that’s probably the the reason why Instagram allowed to extend video duration to sixty seconds.
It’s a big revolution for all multiple applications can suits a large range of needs.
There are You Tube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook but we all know that platforms to share our contents are never enough, so the new Instagram sixty minutes limit could give a big hand to us. Thinking about a trailer for You new short film or documentary, a teaser of your upcoming brand film or a simple test of your new camera or lens.
As long as independent movies needs promotion, it’s the same for major productions and you can easily think what huge potential has a appropriate campaign focused on trailers, teasers or contents created by actors and directors themselves or even share through their profiles.
More than any other form of video, mobile video productions are opt-in experiences for customers. That makes mobile video difficult to pull off, but it also makes it one of the most intimate advertising channels.
If You can reward that with a laugh, and inspiration, or an emotion, You’ve built a powerful relationship to that customer by the video, and possibly to their entire social network.
It’s not universally true that mobile video audiences skew younger, but it is a pretty good starting place. Millennial audiences don’t have a problem with brands, but they do loathe traditional advertising.
To reach a mobile audience, the most important thing Your video can do is be authentic. Recognize your brand’s strengths, and build a voice around that.
It’s also worth considering your audience’s state of mind when they watch your video. Since they’re accessing it on their mobile device, You can’t be sure where they are, or what they’re doing. You can be fairly confident that they’ll be easily distracted. Keep Your content short, and interesting, and you won’t lose your audience.

Do it with us:

  • Your video can be authentic
  • Make Your customers feel something
  • Make them want to share the video with people they love
  • Focus on your brand, not on trends
  • Make it highlight

A good mobile video will add value to Your development.

Despite being only four years old, Instagram already boasts over 200 million users. Marketing on Instagram is particularly relevant if Your brand appeals to a younger audience. According to a recent survey from research firm Piper Jaffray, 23% of teens consider Instagram to be their favourite social media website.