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With Vivid Cafe, Your brand is in right hands.

Sky&More fashion show.

Our creative team will work with You to create a concept that is tailored to Your brand’s image.

The right look is the most important key to any successful fashion campaign.

We specialise in pairing the perfect model to Your fashion production.

It is the goal of the Vivid Cafe company to assist fashion companies seeking to expand, strengthen, and energize their business.

We shoot video that cover all aspects of fashion including seasonal news, designers, models, style, beauty, swimwear, bridal, specials, events, fashionshow, classics looks and clothes advertising.

We shoot and edit all of our own new content and our mission is to share our love for the art of fashion with audiences world-wide on all media platforms — by producing in-depth, intelligent, and entertaining fashion, beauty, and lifestyle programming.

One thing you’ll definitely want to consider when planning an event video is the environment at the show.

Some fashion brands have figured out that they need to elevate their video content to feel like they are not about selling a product. They are creating videos that are designed to purely entertain their audience –branded content. Subconsciously, the person watching is being exposed to the brand name, the logo and key marketing messages which would be placed in a regular ad. Brands following this approach are the ones that are gaining a larger following and a higher amount of views on their videos. Global consumer numbers are surging, as are new brands and shopping channels. Fashion is inherently an ever-changing industry. Customer preferences fluctuate along with burgeoning and fading trends. Fashion and luxury companies keep pace with and even capitalize on these changes in their favor.

Our creative team, with years of working experience in the fashion industry, geathered with the purpose to provide the service in the video production. Conceptually-project is based on the idea of the complete aspect of pre-production, production and post-production to create unique service and visualpresentation of the campaign of our clients and clients who need help or consultation in thefield of online brending, editorials, catalogs, ans visual presentations. We have the option to create concepts in any territory of Europe, where is this case we suggest in order to find the most appropriate location ans aesthetics. The diversity of aesthetics gives us the ability to create different kinds of concepts and stories. We added some attractive location as an option for shooting and recording. We create gorgeous fashion photo and video campaigns for local and international brands using beautiful locations. Our team will create content that will make sure your customers are itching to get their hands on your next collection.