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Since 2014 Vivid Cafe specializes in own producted high end cable cam systems for live broadcast and creative cinematography.

Rope Road is stunning perspective for creative and dynamic shots.

Camera gymbal is remote operated with advanced gyro-stabilized heads providing smooth stable shots.

The latest RF technology is utilised for picture transmission, camera and head control data to and from the camera gimbal and the onboard battery power provides seamless operations for a typical period of many hours.

Rope Road cablecam system is a motorized mechanism mounted on a wire, where it set a 3-axis head warm allowing stabilized a camera with movement from a point A to point B.
Vivid Cafe offer vertical cable cam services to a wide range of markets including live television broadcast, sporting events, concerts, and cinema. We offer several systems to fit every budget. Our systems provide incredible stability which allows us to deliver breathtaking images that aren’t possible without a cable cam’s unique perspective. Based on your venue our experienced riggers will determine the best location to suspend the camera. We excel in the most challenging situations from remote mountain regions to downtown city streets. Rope Road system requires one support cable and carries the drive motor and batteries onboard (similar to a drone). The TX controller enables the operator to repeatedly start and stop at any point and set end stops for safety. It’s unique design uses the principles of a steadicam providing one of the most stable platforms for flying a camera. The system is capable of climbing an incline up to 15 degrees and travel up to 40 km/h. The trolley platform can be fitted with gyro-stabilized heads such as DJI Ronin for each camera specifications. When paired with a stabilized head, the system consistently delivers smooth, stable shots.

We have years of design and engineering experience in building video shooting systems, wireless controls, electric dolley and sliders, timelapse systems and cablecam systems. We also specialize in structural design and engineering in aerial platforms, high weight drones. If you have custom needs in automated camera movement, we can design and build it.