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The Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), or Drone, has quickly become an essential filmmaking tool.

Nature drone filming in Caucasus mountains.

Vivid Cafe crew have the experience and equipment needed to deliver high quality aerial photography and video for Your project.

We are the first Aerial shoting company in Riga.Vivid Cafe

You get absolute peace of mind that we apply rigorous safety procedures to our drones.

We can develop a 3D review for your assignment using drone photos or video shooting.

Drones are great for creating amazing chase scenes through confined environments like tunnels and buildings as also on nature and in the city.

Experience & safety is critical. Get the right people behind Your production with our highly experienced crews.

Take Your filming to a new level of creativity with Vivid Cafe. Innovation and professionalism with our highly class aerial equipment and pilots are possible right now! Our range of remote-controlled drones, gyro-stabilised camera systems can meet any of your tasks. We select the right experts to suit the requirements of your shoot from our team of industry professionals from the Latvia and worldwide. Size and manoeuvrability of these remote controlled multi-rotors, coupled with innovative lightweight camera technology and our expert crews, allow you to shoot movement and action sequences or VFX element plates, in inaccessible locations, or where a traditional helicopter unit would not be appropriate, to incredible effect. Nowadays flying shots are used in the field of tourism, industry, advertising, documentary, real estate, and many more. With our drones, You can aslo make high resolution aerial pictures can be processed on photogrammetric softwares to produce geo referenced mosaic and 3D maps. Vivid Cafe company has the ability to mount a variety of recording or measuring devices for stable data capture and recording. Also we can build custom aerial drones for special tasks. One of ours new possibitities is amazing Drone-lapse shooting.