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Vivid Cafe are video production agency helping businesses and brands achieve their goals with advertising video.

Corporate videos play an important role in a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Potencial customers audience probably knows a little about your industry or business. Build on that, don’t start from scratch unless You have to..

Expand Reach with Branded Business Video.

Advertising videos should draw attention & communicate in broad strokes.

“40% of viewers visited the store/brand website after seeing a branded video on their smartphones.” Google

An advertising video for a tradeshow isn’t just a great way to spread your message, it’s a great way to draw people to Your booth in the first place.

Being in business means keeping one eye on the bottom line at all times. Your business video should be real high quality product.
Whether Your project is a training video, a promotional video, or event video for an upcoming tradeshow, we will help You to make sure You are marketing yourself in the most cost-effective way possible.
Customers have come to expect video content when browsing a site or preparing for a purchase. If your marketing strategy doesn’t include business video, You may be setting yourself up for failure.
Having a great website just isn’t enough anymore. Not having an embedded video on your homepage could be the difference between earning a lifetime customer, or driving them to Your competition.
On the bright side, there’s no better way to hook a customer than with video. When done correctly, a business video will reach your customers in a fraction of the time that it would take them to browse your whole site.


We specialize in creating powerful creative corporate videos including:

  • Corporate Identity Videos
  • Sales Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Promotional Videos for Business
  • Corporate Event Video
  • Tradeshow films

We will help You to make a well-targeted, quality corporate web video on a business website to establish identity, explain and sell products and services, or to promote an event or tradeshow increases traffic and time spent on a web page. This yields better rankings and more leads.

Business video also give a chance to speak to customers and invite them to form a personal connection with your brand. If you can make them laugh, cry, or care about Your video, you’ve made a powerful connection.

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Client Loves Us

Tell Your Corporate Story by the high quality Video.

We have created hundreds of high quality business & corporate video productions.