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“Now we have the tools to record the world in 360 degrees, but using a 360 camera can be much more than just a point and shoot operation.”Vivid Cafe

Forget Your standard video rules, when shooting in 360 degrees convenience may trump quality. 360 video is that VR-like format that lets You look up, down, left, right, and behind, this all is the rage right now. To get those wraparound views, our company use a special camera (or multiple camera setup). We talk a lot about VR allowing people to experience environments or realities that don’t yet exist. But with 360 photos and videos for VR, virtual reality becomes more like a modern-day reality of computer games. Using the 360° cameras, VR can be used by the viewer like a beam right into the heart of an existing location, in a fully immersive image. Vivid Cafe give the ability to immerse viewers in existing environments via VR is particularly effective where distance is an issue. For overseas real estate investors, the ability to remotely tour potential new property purchases is pretty powerful. Photo VR lets them experience actual room layouts, style, and specifications without going on lengthy and expensive long-distance trips. Using a combination of 360° imagery and computer rendered designs, those in commercial real estate are now able to demonstrate the current and future look of commercial dwellings in parallel. Beyond these few, there are numerous other use cases where 360° imagery used within VR is offering marketers, educators and sales teams unique ways of engaging and informing audiences. From virtual retail stores to virtual training and virtual tourism, the ability to immerse people in real environments that are either too remote, sensitive or dangerous to be easily experienced in person, is having a growing impact on businesses.


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