Michael Marygin

Michael has been working in video production since 2004, when he graduated from privat video education couses at Riga event films company. He has directed hundreds of videos and won dozens of industry awards, including awards for animation, art direction, and documental films. After three years working in event films studio Michael decided to help other creative people realize their dreams, and establish fresh and ideas open company. That idea brought him to incorporate with Aleksey, where thay both begin an asset to our development team. Michael is one of the innovators in shooting and editing in Riga, who inspired other cinematographers to develope as in creative as also in technical equipment questions. Michael breathes life into our concepts using his top-notch VFX editors skills. He’s also an expert 3D modeler and a visual effects and motion graphics designer. Michale’s unique perspective and dedication to quality add character to every project he works on. He is passionate about storytelling and creating art that inspires others. As our editor, Michael sorts through hours and hours of footage to find the perfect moments to tell your story. He understands the video storytelling, and knows how to engineer his cuts towards a business goal. In addition to his duties as editor, Michael always brings fesh and brave ideas to all of our productions through new filming style, professional grade color correction and audio mastering. Oh yeah, and he’s also a talented photographer. When he’s not creating amazing VFX works, you may find him on the nature with lovely family, going to concerts, or running in early morning.

“Cinematography are my passion. Filming, editing and producing of videos are the way I choose to express that! I feel most alive when I feel the camera in my hands. When I point at a subject, the subject becomes alive.”Michael Marygin