Leo Balkin

Why You need a professional video production scriptwriter?

It’s impossible to build a great marketing video without having a great script first. Your video production script is the skeletal system for complete corporate film are the bones that support your messaging, and help you move through your story. Only if You have a good script, you’re definitely going to end up with a perfect video. That’s why it’s so important to trust your video scriptwriting to a professional.

Leo Balkin began his career as a professional singer. Almost seven years he built his career, based only on his vocal data, and achieved significant success.
After numerous victories at various competitions, he moved to the genre of the presenter, and as many have already seen – he does it unconventionally, and most importantly – professionally and fun. At the same time for ten years, Leo was worked on popular radio stations in Latvia, as well as on TV. Now Leo found himself as a great organizer of events and as filming processes coordinator in Vivid Cafe team.
Leo has worked with clients worldwide to bring their visions to life on the page. With an eye on the final audience, he produces award-winning scripts to help businesses reach their marketing objectives. As the song writer Leo works with clients to create impressive project with personal audio accompanying. He researches industry trends, competitor content, and everything in between in order to make sure our content is accurate and on target. In the scriptwriting phase, Leo helps clients condense their message into a digestible, video friendly format through outlines, scripts, and revisions. As director of sales and marketing, Leo’s biggest job is listening. He wants to understand the needs of our clients and get them the best value for their budget. He’s a great communicator, and is always happy to share industry trends, new solutions, and tricks of the trade with anyone he talks to. Leo also pushes our artists to make sure every word in a script, every pixel on screen, and every cut in an edit is the best it can possibly be. He helps manage our productions and serves as a client liaison during film production. It’s his sharp organizational skills that really shine, helping us turn all of our outlandish creative ideas into reality on shoot day. Leo also is our talented sound designer. With a love for discovering and designing new sounds, he enjoys editing for any type of media. Keeping in mind how important sound is to a film experience, Leo loves the opportunity of helping to tell stories and evoke emotion sonically and musically.

“As a child I would constantly have a camera in my hands. I don’t remember a time I didn’t have one. Magic happened when I first took hold of a video camera. Wow! Movement! Sound! Something inside me shouted, “Yes! This is what I want to do. I want to make movies. I want to make movies.”Leo Balkin

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