Aleksey Bergmanis

Aleksey graduated from Riga city technical university in 2002 with a degree ain engineer in electronics and energy, but his passion for video storytelling goes back much further than that engineering. That was good reason to combine cameraman and engineer skills to create incresible staf for unique shooting equipment such as highweight drones, electric dolleys and cablecam systems. He started exploring editing and post production as a student during nights working at internet company, and his passion for the craft never let up. Alekseys commitment to excellence in editing is unparalleled. Alex has a wide range of experience in the production industry, having spent time working for a video equipment production. Aleksey is helping prospective clients think outside the box to solve their creative and communications problems, elevate their brand value and help them establish and achieve successful objectives. Always inventive, Aleksey will consultatively identify needs, provide strategic and analytic insight and customize solutions based on target. He is passionate about our client’s success and will advise them on the most effective video solutions possible. Aleksey is an ideas generalist with a passion for storytelling and look development. He loves collaborating on projects, experimenting in different mediums and learning new software. In he’s free time Aleksey enjoys extreme sport, journeys and engineeging creating work. As creative director, Alekseys job is to keep the project goals in sight, and make sure every creative decision works towards those goals. He makes sure that all of the different components in a video are working together in harmony.

“What I love most is holding my camera and being the director of the process. It’s what cause I wake up thinking about everyday. My own assembled video shooting systems are my perfect tools to get right that resuls as I really need. Movies are my form of my engineer artistic expression. “Aleksey Bergmanis