Q: What about product information?

A: When You think about Your video, consider what information is right for video, and what might be better served with by a live conversation. After all, Your video is there to support Your busines ideas, not to replace them.

Q: Why do You have to make a statement?

A: You can’t stand out if Your event video looks like everyone else’s, or if You don’t have it at all.

Q: How to use Visual Effects in my project?

A: Before producing an effects heavy video, make sure Your concept is on brand, and your effects serve a purpose in telling your story. Visual Effects Should Help Tell Your Story, Not be the Story. Make sure Your visual effects serve a purpose.

Q: Film lenght?

A: You probably have a lot to say about your business, and You should! That said, don’t feel like You need to get every single detail into a single video. Viewers are much more likely to retain one, simple straightforward message than a hodgepodge of ideas thrown into a four minute video. Keep Your content short, focused, and high quality, and You’ll be just fine. If You want to get your audience excited, You’d better not bore them. That means Your video needs to be short. Shorter than you think.

Q: How do You plan to display the video?

A: Are You going to have one big screen on the tradeshow to try to draw attention, or multiple smaller kiosks for a more intimate relationship? Think about Your display. How you show the video can make a difference in whether it gets attention. Video can also stay only for privat use in Virtual reality. We can help You to find the right screen.

Q: How to stay in focus?

A: To get the most out of your promotional video, try to keep the subject to a single subject. That will keep your video focused, and your message strong.

Pricing & Payment

Q: I need a video. How much does it cost?

A: Think about it like this. If You ask an architect how much a building costs to construct, he won’t be able to answer you until he has a little more information. How many stories is it going to be? What kind of building are you going to need? And where do you want to build?
Pricing a video production works the same way. We need to know the ins and outs of your project in order to make sure we approach it in the most strategic way possible. We want Your production to match Your needs even if it means a smaller project with a lower budget.
Our team will work with You to figure out the best solution for your business at a reasonable price. Please fill online form, write e-mail to info@vividcafe.com, or give us a call to get started on a quote for your project.
We’ll happily show You a range of pricing options that fit your needs. It may be that the most expensive option full of crazy 3D animations and layers of sound design isn’t the best way to reach your goals. Still, we know that our team can do some really cool things to make your video stand out, and we want You to see that potential too. At the end of the day, You will get every euro of value out of in our video productio. So when you give us an idea of what Your budget is, we can make an offer for You as also another positions with extras that can make product level higher.

Q: Payment terms and method. When and how?

A: The conditions under which a video company will complete a film procuction.
Typically, these terms specify the period allowed to a customer to pay off the amount due in contract and may demand payment transaction or cash in advance, cash on delivery, a deferred payment period of 10 days or more, or other similar provisions. After approval budget You will have to put a deposit to start the project. If it will be our both first project experience You will get all raw materials and complete production after full payment is received.

Q: Do You make participation social in social projects?

A: Yes, we have experience of the local development programme and we are open for free projects.


Q: Why do you need video marketing?

A: To convince your audience to take action.
To improve your brand exposure.
To spread a certain message.
Specific goals will vary, but one thing stays the same. Companies that produce video content expect some sort of return on their investment.
Your concept is what gives Your video structure, and what gives Your video life. It’s the hook that keeps your audience watching, or the reason they click away. Vivid Cafe have decades of combined experience translating even the most obscure concepts into a compelling story told through clean, simple visual language.

Q: How to get right scenario?

A: Know what You want to say.
Don’t get distracted by other topics or sucked into nitty-gritty details.
Keep it short. A single page of script could be as much as 2 minutes of video.
Keep it simple. Complex sentences and running adjectives are harder to track in video than in print.
Learn more about how to write script for video.
Work with a professional scriptwriter from Vivid Cafe group.

Q: What our company will need from You?

A: Here are some things you can contribute in order to help make your video production better:
Be available to answer follow up questions Your video production partner may have.
Keep an open mind, and a discerning eye when evaluating concepts. We know creative development. You know your customers.
Make sure You’re comfortable with the concept before moving on. This concept will be the bedrock of your entire project.
Quick Responses. Pre-production involves coordinating a lot of moving parts on tight deadlines. In order to make sure you get what you need, it’s important to make sure you’re available to answer questions and give your video production company feedback on creative decisions.
A single point of contact. Having one decision maker helps approvals move quickly, and helps Your video production company keep up good lines of communication during this critical planning stage.
Your presence and participation on set. Sometimes being on set calls for adapting plans, or last minute decisions. Being there will help ensure you get the finished product You want.
Your full attention. Watch the monitors carefully to make sure your product or brand looks the way you want it to. Barring visual effects magic, whatever the camera sees will end up in the final picture.

Terms & Conditions

If you hire a traditional agency, you may be hiring a company like ours anyway without even realizing it. By choosing to work with us You’re effectively maximizing your budget. On top of that, you’ll be working directly with the people making your video, which saves time in production, and guarantees that no part of your message gets lost in translation. Vivid Cafe is the only advertising agency in Riga built specifically for video production, and our seasoned team of specialists base every solution on a deep understanding of what a successful video looks like, and how it functions.