«Vivid Cafe» – the producer group which makes presentation films, musical clips, removes and makes out plots, transfers, advertising rollers about your enterprise and its work.

We realize projects from the moment of origin of idea and before hit of an end result to the spectator, the consumer, the client. We are open for any ideas! Our company guarantees an individual approach to each project of the client!

«Vivid Cafe » — pays special attention to the quality of performed work and gives to the clients video product of the high quality completely satisfying all inquiries!

Presentation film is a video demonstration of your Business. Presentation film enables to show difference of your production from analogues of competitors and to prove to be from the best party. This good video for acquaintance with yours comes from activity both for partners and for new consumers. It approaches to demonstrations at seminars and exhibitions.

Technological – in this film process of manufacture or work of the enterprise shows. This detailed video with carry of semantic loading of manufacture, work of the personnel, etc. This visualization can facilitate work with clients, save time for consultations of technical processes. Technological film helps to warn possible mistakes and as to facilitate work of engineers and managers.

Historical film about firm – is film about history of development and work of the enterprise. Film about: origin of firm, its development and works today, achievements and partners, spheres of activity, etc. Installation from archival materials. Film is remarkable for corporate displays and gifts to partners and employees.

Video the instruction – is training film for workers or clients. Film acquaints with use of devices and devices, and with finished goods. Video instruction is widely used on manufacture for observance of the operating procedure and as social film, for observance of the safety precautions. Film helps to reduce time for consultation of clients and to rationalize working hours of your employees.

Video the catalogue – is video the account and offers of production, sphere of services of the enterprise. Video the catalogue is fact- finding film about given services of firm. It is convenient video for the enterprises having the big list of production.

Advertising video — is special video for display on exhibitions and at offices on monitors, projectors and video frameworks.

Demonstration film – is about work of firm, technology and marketing. Film for an internal circle the enterprises, having socially motivating force. Excellent display of success and achievements.

Celebratory video – is corporate video. Film about actions, firm parties and rest, banquets, sports days and etc. Stimulation of working structure and excellent gift video.

Video for the Internet – any kind of presentation video. Prepared in special the format, broken into the chapter, protected from copying for yours web a site.

Congratulatory video “Flash” a format – the Slide of show in the form of the book or Flash video. It is a remarkable opportunity to congratulate your clients or friends for holidays Or with an anniversary!